I tried the workbooks and the YouTube videos, now it was time to commit to learning ASL.  It was difficult to find courses online, but I found a few.

If you are interested in taking an intensive college course with a set schedule, I suggest ASL Online at Gallaudet University, the course I took.  The summer session is an eight-week intensive course.  Students are expected to spend 15 hours per week working on course material; I spent more time because I had never taken ASL before.  I found it very challenging to keep up with the coursework and deadlines, but I liked being immersed.  Every week, students meet online with “ASL Pals” to complete practice lessons.  ASL Pals are from all over the country.  They are all Deaf and fluent in ASL.  I thought that these half-hour sessions were the most helpful.  However, we were to meet with ASL Pals about four times per week, and scheduling sessions was very  difficult.  The requirements for the course were changed to meet the lack of supply, but this was the part of the course where I learned the most.   Gallaudet would be where you get the most intensive course, but you have to be willing to commit the time and money.  The course cost about $950, plus a registration fee.  Comparatively, you could find an ASL 1 course at your community college for less that $400.

If online is the only option, and you do not want to spend a lot of money, try SigningOnline.com, for $75.  Their Beginning ASL course consists of ten lessons, with quizzes at the end of each lesson and a final exam.  You go at your own pace.  The content goes over meeting someone and common phrases.  The graphics could be larger so that it could be easier to see the signer.  The course has not held my attention, but it is good for the price.

The best way to learn ASL is to be able to practice with someone.  Look to your local colleges and hearing loss groups for ASL courses. Otherwise, online courses can be a great way to start or to augment your education.

More details here: https://www.gallaudet.edu/american-sign-language-programs/online-asl-courses