Popular Movies about Cochlear Implants

“Sweet Nothing in My Ear”

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A made-for-TV movie that looks at cochlear implants and Deaf culture. Adam was born to a deaf mother and a hearing father, and he lost his hearing at age four. His father wants him to get a cochlear implant, but his mother disagrees, resulting in a custody battle.

“Hear and Now”


This documentary following two cochlear implant recipients.  Irene Taylor Brodsky, the director, follows the hearing journey of her parents, who were both born with hearing loss.  At 65-year-olds, they decide to get cochlear implants.

“A Quiet Place”

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While it’s a horror movie, one of the main characters has a cochlear implant (she’s deaf in real life) and they use ASL throughout the movie. The movie is about a monster that attracts to anything that makes sounds so they don’t talk at all.

“Sound and Fury”

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This documentary follows the lives of two brothers, who both come from a family with a history of hearing loss. One brother, Chris, is considering getting a CI for his newborn son. Meanwhile, his brother Peter’s oldest daughter Heather wants to get a cochlear implant herself.After watching the movie, see how life turns out for Heather in her Ted talk.