Streamer is a new approach to captioning, note-taking and translation. Streamer users receive a private and secure website, created specifically for you, your firm, school, agency, or place of worship. Use your Streamer website as often as you like to caption and translate conversations with as many people as you want. User-friendly, accessible, private, and secure, Streamer has features to support all your communication needs in every situation.

You can get live captioning for free. Instead of being locked into someone’s platform like Google or Skype (where they record what you’re saying and sell that information to advertisers and share it with the government), you can use to caption conversations of any size and length and most any language. It works with Zoom, Skype, Teams, Webex, RingCental, anything. It’s free for the first month and then $9/month after that. That’s not a per user fee, that’s for unlimited captioning with an unlimited number of people and for something like 100 languages.

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