CSD Learns aims to create equity and give the community resources for self-improvement and advocacy. The program’s goal is to provide equity for deaf people in the workplace and give people the tools for self-improvement and autonomous social mobility. By providing self-paced online courses with visual and auditory paths for interaction, we ensure that people from all intersections can engage with our content and build their own pathways to success. CSD Learns’ courses can be accessed by any individual, school, or organization at no cost.

Are you an Educator?

We believe in empowering educators of K–12 deaf/hh learners with engaging classroom resources, eLearning options, and pedagogical knowledge. We have a growing array of STEM teacher’s toolkits and financial education eLearning courses for you to choose from.

Are you a Learner?

CSD Learns offers free courses for you to take! Our courses, hosted on our new Learning Management Software, currently focus on financial education. Learn how to budget, set up your own business, invest, and more–a critical part of establishing a secure future for yourself.

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