Alarm Clocks for the Deaf



The only alarm clock that can get me up!  Wear it on your wrist and set the alarm on your phone with the app.  Use zap, beep, vibration, or combinations of all three to wake up.  Needs to be charged after every few uses.

$130 on website

Pavlok + Shock Clock

Fitbit Versa2

My deaf friends say that the vibration on the Fitbit Versa2 (or Versa3) is stronger than the Apple Watch and enough to wake them up.  This is a smart watch that offers fitness features and apps.

Go to Fitbit Versa2.

Sonic Alert

“Sonic Bomb” extra-loud dual alarm clock with red flashing alert lights and a bed shaker.  

$35 on Amazon

PICTEK Vibrating Alarm Clock

Digital alarm clock with wireless bed shaker, dual alarms, 5-Inch large display, 5 level dimmer, snooze function.

$29 on Amazon



Vibrating alarm clock you wear around your wrist.  Mine fell off in my sleep.  Not recommended.

$18 on Amazon

Amplicom TCL Vibe Alarm Clock

Vibrating alarm clock you wear around your wrist.  Vibration was not strong enough to wake me up.  Alarm clock needs 3 AAA batteries.

$46 on Amazon