World Recreation Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WRAD)

WRAD, Inc. is representing the community of persons that are deaf or hard of hearing and all their friends and families. There is now a NEW community of persons that are deaf or hard of hearing. People who were formerly restricted by deafness, and who believed that there was no possible remediation for deafness, or more inclusion into general society, now has new laws, new technologies, and indeed much better opportunities for success and achievement, now and in the future.

The world is indeed changing, and quite rapidly, in regard to the situation of children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing. The decisions, behaviors, and lifestyles of the past are not necessarily applicable today or in the future. There is a great need to educate, inform, and promote full understanding of these changes, to persons with or without hearing loss. These recent changes have occurred so rapidly, that a great many people in both communities are often confused, and many receive inaccurate information.

WRAD endeavors to reach out to different communities, in order to encourage inclusion, acceptance, equal access, and equal opportunities for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, today, tomorrow, always, and forever.

WRAD activities and events include people from the deaf and hard of hearing community and their friends and families, both ASL users and non- ASL users in the United States. Elsewhere, WRAD has international events using international signs as well as written English, and the language used in that country.

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