Faking ASL, Saying Never Mind, Plus 25 More Things Hearing People Do That Are Actually Insensitive | BuzzFeed

Let’s be honest: Hearing people do waaay too many things that make those who are deaf and hard of hearing feel uncomfortable or ignored, even if they think they’re being helpful. So we asked those in the BuzzFeed Community who are deaf and hard of hearing, “What are some things hearing people should stop doing?”

Here’s what they shared:

1. “Ask me how best to communicate. I promise I will not be offended. The way I process things may be different from the way other HOH people do.”


2. “Stop assuming cochlear implants are a ‘fix’ or necessary. The Deaf community has extremely controversial and opposing views on them.”

3. “I have 85% hearing loss on my right side due to a tumor and subsequent radiation treatment. I also happen to be a high school English and debate teacher. I usually speak REALLY loudly so I can be heard over a class of 30 teenagers working on different projects. Plus, I have a theater background and learned how to project.”

“But I honestly don’t know how loud I am because I don’t hear my voice inside my head. I’m okay with people telling me I’m too loud, but I’m not okay with people getting mad at me for being too loud. I literally don’t know and I’m not being rude. Just tell me or give me a signal that I’m too loud.”


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