Platform connects the deaf with digital world | Business Daily

When Kenya reported its first Covid-19 case in 2020, many firms embraced digital solutions to reach customers after the Government introduced tough lockdown measures.

Some of the stringent actions were movement restrictions, working from home and social distancing.

As employees worked from their homes, demand for digital services such as e-commerce, telemedicine, e-learning, online deliveries, among others, went up.

Whereas these solutions enabled seamless delivery of services to customers, people with hearing problems could not use them as a majority of them did not offer sign language interpretations.

For Luke Kizito and Ojiambo Muleka, however, their missions were to bridge communication barriers for the deaf and those with hearing impairments through a new application.

So, in 2020, they started assistALL, a sign language interpretation mobile app to facilitate with the click of a button communications between deaf people with businesses, banks, employers, hospitals, among others.

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