Sign It!

PC Mag says, “Of all the ASL apps and learning sites we tried, Sign It ASL is by far the most engaging and the best for adults. Each lesson contains a short storyline built around a theme, like an episode of television, that you watch unfold in sign language. In between scenes, there are more focused teaching sections and quizzes. At the end of each lesson, Sign It gives you bonus content, such as interviews with the team behind the site and special guests.

Sign It ASL also does an impressive job of explaining some of the nuances of the language. For example, you learn about ASL gloss, indexing, nonmanual markers, and other important concepts. The program also has a diverse cast of characters, so you see a variety of people signing and pick up on how they do it differently, the same way you might hear different accents or word choices in other languages.

Lessons take between 45 and 60 minutes to complete, and if you’re new to signing you should repeat each one two or three times. To buy all 20 lessons costs $159.99 for lifetime access. You also get an ASL dictionary included with your account. Options are available for group access for a higher cost. If you’re not sure you want to commit, you can also buy just five lessons at a time for $49.99. Families with a deaf or hard of hearing child younger than 36 months can apply to get Sign It ASL for free.

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