Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ star Raven Sutton breaks barriers for Deaf representation | The Voice of LaSalle County since 1952!

Raven Sutton is making history as the first deaf contestant on Netflix’s The Circle.

She hopes her stint on the hit reality show can not only empower the Deaf community, but also change the perspective of viewers who may never have seen a deaf person on their TV screens before.

“There are a lot of hearing people who have this misperception of us, about what the Deaf community is or what the disabled community is,” Sutton said in an interview with Good Morning America. “So they put us in this box, in this isolated view, that we can’t enjoy life. And that’s just simply not true.”

In The Circle, which Netflix calls a social experiment, contestants communicate solely through a “voice activated social media platform” in an effort to become the most popular among the group and win $100,000.

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