Colgate Unveil Hear Gear, Bringing Inclusivity to AFL for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Athletes via VMLY&R and Steeden | LBBOnline

Colgate and VMLY&R have partnered with Steeden to develop ‘Hear Gear’, a protective headgear equipped with specialised technology to assist Deaf and hard of hearing Australian rules football players with hearing implants on the field. Ideated by VMLY&R and designed, tested and built by Steeden, Hear Gear helps to create a more equitable environment for hearing impaired athletes.

Traditional headgear is designed to sit flush against the head to protect the wearer. It absorbs impact, but in a Deaf and hard of hearing athlete’s case, it also absorbs the vibrations that carry sound to the hearing implant. Hear Gear uses a new mould, with a redesigned padding that both accommodates and channels sound to the hearing implant. The lines on Hear Gear represent sound that is now being channelled towards the ear.

To create a stronger player-to-player connection for Deaf and hard of hearing athletes and their teams, Colgate is funding the first production run of Hear Gear headgear via Steeden (the sole owners of its design) to ensure AFL players can enjoy the sport on a level playing field.

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