First four-year grads to minor in ASL | The Appalachian

With over 100 known minors offered at App State, it can be hard to notice when something new comes along. Four years ago, a new minor was introduced: American Sign Language.  The senior graduating class of 2023 will have been the first four-year graduates to have been offered this minor since their freshman year. “I’ve always been really passionate about ASL and when I found out that App State, which was my top choice of school, was offering that program the first year I was starting, it just made me even more excited to start coming to App State,” said Grace Runza, a senior with an ASL minor. Along with taking ASL I-IV in order to learn the language, students participating in this minor are required to take an approved elective course and a course on deaf culture. “It’s not just learning the language, it’s about being a part of the community and knowing people who are deaf,” senior Olivia Gnall said. “You could be a CODA, child of deaf adults, or friends with them. But putting yourself into those atmospheres is really important to learn better.” Read more: