How this app is making Zoom meetings inclusive for deaf workers | Employee Benefit News

Can companies say they are truly inclusive if they don’t provide the proper tools for disabled employees? One product manager, who knows firsthand what it means to be deaf in the workplace, is on a mission to make it easy for employers to accommodate their deaf or hard-of-hearing workers.

Christina Call is the product manager at Sorenson, a communication tech provider for the deaf community. While Sorenson already provides free captioned call services and on-site sign language interpreting, it was clear to Call and her team that deaf remote workers needed more — so they designed “Sorenson for Zoom,” an app that enables users to invite a Sorenson interpreter directly into their Zoom call at a moment’s notice.

“When a lot of meetings used to be in person, you would have advanced notice,” says Call, who is communicating through a Sorenson American Sign Language interpreter. “But now if the boss wants to call an impromptu remote meeting, there may be no interpreter for the individual and captioning doesn’t always provide full access.”

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