How to sign ‘gay’ or ‘queer’? American Sign Language users don’t agree | Washington Post

Languages around the world are changing rapidly to become more inclusive of LGBTQ+ identities.

But for people who use American Sign Language, finding a visual and conceptual way to represent an inner identity can be complicated, and in some cases, there’s still not a clear consensus on which sign is best.

“With signs related to identity, it’s personal, and it’s hard to find one sign that works for everyone,” said Julie A. Hochgesang, a Deaf linguist and professor at Gallaudet University in Northeast Washington.

The Washington Post asked several members of the Deaf queer community to demonstrate how ASL is evolving.

Finding the right sign for ‘queer’
Consider the word “queer.” In ASL, there are at least three ways to sign it. One popular sign for “queer” uses the sign for “rainbow,” in reference to the rainbow Pride flag.

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