Comcast launches live American Sign Language interpreting services at 8 Bay Area Xfinity stores | Silicon Valley Business Journal

Comcast has announced the availability of live American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services at eight Xfinity Store Locations in the Greater Bay Area.

The company demoed the new ASL Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service, which provides access to a live interpreter via a nonprofit partner, Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD), at a well-attended event on June 6 in San Jose. Comcast employees and other stakeholders who were gathered at the company’s Xfinity store on Brokaw Road for the afternoon event watched as Catherine “Trina” Licht, outreach specialist at California School for the Deaf, discussed adding a line to her Xfinity account with store manager Lorena Salinas.

“The service would be for my daughter,” said Licht through a CSD-provided remote interpreter. “She’s 15.”

“She’ll love you very much,” Salinas observed after recommending a popular Xfinity Mobile smartphone she thought Licht’s daughter would enjoy.

Live interpreters offer accessibility advantages

The ASL VRI service launched as a pilot in select Xfinity stores last year, making Comcast the first telecommunications retailer in the country to offer live, on-demand, remote ASL interpreting services in stores. The company will continue to expand the service to additional stores across the country throughout 2024.

“We’re proud to deliver an inclusive service solution that will help more customers better interact and engage with retail associates representing our Xfinity products and services,” said Thomas Wlodkowski, vice president of accessibility at Comcast, in a press release. “I’m also grateful to our partners in California, who are helping to close the digital divide for more members of our disabled community by working with us on a variety of digital equity initiatives.”

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