Where members of the deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing community rate and review businesses based on deaf-friendliness. is the new face of crowd sourcing: Bringing awareness to deaf-friendly businesses, and corrective feedback to deaf-challenged businesses. Reviewers fit a number of categories: deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing (hh), friends/family of the deaf and those with a special interest in creating a deaf-friendly world.

Our philosophy is simple: Businesses are as plentiful as oxygen – so why not make sure you have plenty of awesome choices? During your daily activities (shopping, banking, eating out), you’re either going to come across a deaf-friendly business or you’re not. Sharing your insight is what slowly improves both your experience as a consumer and the businesses customer service. Unlike mystery shopping, as a deaf consumer, you make “deaf reviews” everyday of your life.

Now, you can share your experiences on a much-needed public platform. We invite you to join us on our mission to create a deaf-friendly world. By writing consumer reviews, we can increase deaf-friendliness in millions of businesses across the nation.

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