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Not the hearing or Deaf world | Heather Artinian | TEDxGeorgetown

“Heather Artinian is a student at Georgetown majoring in Government and minoring in Justice & Peace studies. Heather was the subject of an academy-award nominated documentary titled ‘Sound and Fury’. The documentary focuses on her family and their struggle to make a decision whether to give her, 5 years old at the time, a cochlear implant that would enable her to hear. Heather will share her journey through life; learning how to speak and hear, attending hearing schools, and being part of the deaf culture and the hearing world…”

“Stephen O’Keefe’s humorous and inspiring TEDx talk will help you listen better to connect with others. Stephen grew up deaf and doesn’t understand why people who can hear, don’t use their ears. Find out more about Stephen O’Keefe at”

What does life feel like for someone whose hearing has suddenly lost?