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‘Sesame Street’ videos get an accessibility expansion with new descriptive audio and ASL features | Mashable

September 28, 2023/by geelearn

New glasses help interpret the world for deaf and hard of hearing users | ABCNL | YouTube

September 26, 2023/by geelearn

Learn the ASL Alphabet Fast | American Sign Language ABCs | YouTube | Learn How to Sign

September 24, 2023/by geelearn

10 Best Movies That Use Sign Language, According to IMDb | Collider

September 22, 2023/by geelearn

KIDZ BOP Kids – Cupid (Official Video with ASL in PIP) | YouTube

September 20, 2023/by geelearn

WATCH: Ashley McBryde Uses Her New ASL Skills to Make a Young Fan’s Night | Taste of Country

September 18, 2023/by geelearn

Americans Who Are Deaf Can Now Use 988 Suicide Helpline | US News & World Report

September 16, 2023/by geelearn

Sign language glossary goes for green growth | The University of Edinburgh

September 12, 2023/by geelearn

New Gund Gallery exhibition explores language and sound | The Kenyon Collegian

September 10, 2023/by geelearn

Interpreting music for the deaf and hard of hearing at the 2023 NYS Fair| syracuse

September 8, 2023/by geelearn

NFL launches first merchandise collection featuring American Sign Language |FOX 10 Phoenix

September 2, 2023/by geelearn

20 ASL Signs You Don’t Want to Mix Up | Mental Floss

August 29, 2023/by geelearn

This app can translate what you want to say into American Sign Language |

August 27, 2023/by geelearn

‘Shelly’s Adventures’: Tampa Bay author teaches kids American Sign Language through book series | WFLA

August 25, 2023/by geelearn

Lenovo And Brazilian Innovation Hub CESAR Create Sign Language “Translator” For Hearing People With AI | Forbes

August 19, 2023/by geelearn

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