Super Kena: A book about a girl with hearing aids | Healthy Hearing

Two-year-old Kena didn’t notice that her hearing aids were attracting attention during storytime at the library—but her mom did. “I can’t let other kids define who Kena is,” her mom, Krystyna, confided to Kena’s grandmother that evening. “I want her to be fierce.” 

The conversation resonated with Grandma Becky Cymbaluk, so she started writing. When she finally put down her pen, her granddaughter was a superhero in a children’s book titled “Super Kena, A Girl Made Fierce with Hearing Aids.”

The colorfully illustrated book stars Kena, a girl with hearing aids, as she works through issues with classmates who don’t understand her hearing loss. With the help of her mom, Kena realizes her hearing aids give her ears “super powers” and makes plans to form a team of her other differently-abled friends in an effort to explain their super powers to the class during Show and Tell.

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