Book celebrates young author’s magic ears | The Citizen

Kaitlin McKoy has a superpower. McKoy, a student at Peeples Elementary, just saw her story “Sounds I Hear with My Magic Ears” published, and she wants everyone to hear how awesome it can be to be hearing impaired.

The book is about the sounds that Kaitlin can hear inside and outside when she wears her cochlear impacts, her “magic ears.” She talks about the sounds that she likes to hear and the ones that she doesn’t like to hear.

“I want other readers to know that, with the help of cochlear implants, deaf children can hear many of the same sounds that hearing people can hear,” Kaitlin said. “I want everyone to know that, although I may not be able to hear everything, I can enjoy many of the same sounds that everyone else can.”

The classroom task was to develop a narrative story of the student’s choosing, and it could be fiction or non-fiction. Kaitlin was born deaf, and she chose to celebrate her superpower.

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