Review: Living with Hearing Loss and Deafness: A guide to owning it and loving it (BSL) | The Limping Chicken

When Samantha Baines was first diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of 29, she admits it came across as a ‘bit of a shock’ as she says she felt ‘utterly prepared to be a thirty year old deaf comedian, actor, writer and broadcaster.’

This book, therefore, is what Samantha wished she could have read in the days following her diagnosis. Living with Hearing Loss and Deafness is incredibly practical as it takes the reader step by step through what really happens following the diagnosis days, including the first hearing aid fitting and discovering the deaf community.

It covers all the questions that a newly diagnosed deaf person or person with hearing loss may have including ‘what caused my deafness?’ ‘what is sign language?’ and offers grounded ways to deal with things like tinnitus or noisy workplaces.

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