JCPS hosts annual summer camp for deaf and hard-of-hearing students |

Jefferson County Public Schools is hosting an out of this world summer camp for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. This year’s theme is “Our place, in space.”

What You Need To Know
– JCPS is hosting their second annual summer camp for students who are deaf and hard of hearing
– 40 students ages 5-20 attended camp
– This year’s camp theme is “Our Place in Space”
– Students learn sign, play games, read stories ad more during camp

Alana Ebbs,10, is learning sign language.

“You have hard of hearing, you don’t really sign you just speak. Which is really me. I don’t really sign a lot, I’m learning to,” said Ebbs.

She’s taking part in the deaf and hard-of-hearing specialty camp. Ebbs learned she was hard of hearing a few years ago. She uses special devices to help her hear.

“So my hearing aids help me, like they literally just help me hear. I used to have two hearing aids, but then one of them started hurting my ear,” said Ebbs. She now has a cochlear implant in her right ear.

Alana and 40 other campers ages five to 20 from across Louisville are learning sign, playing games, reading stories and more during the camp.

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