‘The Golden Bachelor’ puts hearing aids on prime time. Doctors love to see it. | Yahoo Life

ABC’s The Golden Bachelor follows 72-year-old lead Gerry Turner as he looks for love. While the show follows a similar format to The Bachelor, there are some notable differences that nod to the age of Turner and the women vying for his heart — all of whom are at least 60. One that’s gotten plenty of buzz is the show subtly acknowledging that Turner wears hearing aids.

The opening sequence of the debut episode features Turner getting dressed and then putting in his hearing aids as music suddenly plays. But Turner isn’t the only person on the series wearing hearing aids: One contestant told Turner that she also wears “ear candy.”

Viewers took note on social media. “I really love that Gerry’s hearing aids aka ‘ear candy’ are visible and acknowledged,” wrote one fan on X, formerly known as Twitter. “We love an inclusive paradigm shift.” Another chimed in with this: “Love that an opening shot is Gerry using a disability aid. You wear those hearing aids with pride, you precious man.”

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