A place in the world: Deaf artist hopes mural at D.C. Starbucks sparks conversations about inclusion, accessibility | Stories – Starbucks

Ryan Seslow, a New York City artist and college professor of digital art and design, always knew he wanted to spend his life making art.

Seslow, who identifies as Deaf and hard of hearing, fondly remembers Saturday mornings growing up – eating a bowl of cereal, watching cartoons alongside his brother and putting tracing paper on the television screen and trying to draw what he saw. Later, he was inspired by artists like Pablo Picasso, Louise Bourgeois and Fernand Léger.

One of his latest works is a wrap-around wall mural at a new Starbucks store in Washington D.C. The store, which opened Feb. 16 in the Union Market neighborhood, is the first built using Starbucks new Inclusive Spaces Framework, that will start to guide all new store construction and renovation in the United States going forward. The store has a number of features designed to make it more accessible to customers and Starbucks partners.

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