Tips for online meetings

‘Feel anxiety regarding how to communicate during online meetings? My experience with online meetings as a deaf person is limited to my six years of deafness, and I still feel stress when attending online meetings – even if others online are deaf as well. So, I asked my deaf friends for some tips for successful communication in online meetings. Here they are:

Tips for successful communication in online meetings

  • Understand that many of us are still learning. It’s okay to make mistakes.
  • Use your Mute button when you are not speaking.
    • Extra noise can be distracting.
  • Take turns talking.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
    • Do not talk over people.
    • No sidebar conversations in voice or signing. That is distracting to many others in the meeting.
  • State your name before speaking.
  • Speak or sign slowly.
    • Keep an eye on the captioning to see if it is correct.
    • Understand that there is a delay in captioning.
      • Auto Caption and a captioner are not the same. Auto caption is slower and a has lot more errors.
      • Auto Caption does not work well with deaf accents.
    • Use the chat box as needed.
  • Be aware that virtual backgrounds distort your hand movements, if you are signing and many areas of your screen become pixelated with movement, a real solid background is better.
  • For voting or questions pause long enough for everybody to have a chance to respond.
  • Any questions? Just ask your peers. Relax and enjoy!