JESUS: A Deaf Missions Film debuts to rave reviews | Mission Network News

A brand-new feature-length film about the life of Christ debuted last week for select audiences in the United States.

“There have been many films about Jesus produced over the years,” Rob Myers of DOOR International says. “All of them are connected in some way to spoken language. For those of us who are Hearing, that’s what we’re typically used to.”

So, what’s unique about the newest Jesus movie?

“All of the content is in American Sign Language,” Myers says. “All the actors who had signing parts in front of the camera were Deaf, including Jesus.”

The film brought Scripture to life for Deaf audiences at the premiere. “The response from the audience has been amazing,” Myers says.

“Even Deaf people who’ve been Christians for years [say] how much that movie has impacted them, and how they have a different understanding because they can see, wow, God truly does understand my sign language.”

JESUS: A Deaf Missions Film will be released in select theaters nationwide starting in June.

“We’re excited [to see] how God is going to take this movie and use it within the U.S. context and how it may impact Deaf people internationally,” Myers says.

Filming in ASL posed a few challenges. “Think about Jesus on the cross. He said some things, but how will He sign them if his arms are pinned down on the cross?” Myers asks.

Yet the Lord showed Deaf filmmakers how to overcome every obstacle.

“I’ll leave that as a teaser. You’ll see how Deaf Missions solved that issue when it (the film) is released in June,” Myers says.

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