Mime Signs Video Dictionary – C

Call (phone, telephone) – Mime holding (Y hand handshape) a telephone to your ear.

Call (call out, holler, yell) – Mime the action of calling (C hand handshape) out to someone.

Calm (calm down, relax) – Mime that you are trying to calm (5 hands handshapes) someone down.

Camera – Mime that you are holding a camera (modified C hands handshapes) and clicking the shutter to take a picture.

Canoe – Mime the action of paddling (S hands handshapes) a canoe.

Cold (chilly, frigid, shiver, winter) – Mime that you are shaking (S hands handshapes) from the cold weather.

Comb – Mime that you are combing (curved 5 hand handshape) your hair.

Come on (come in) – Mime you are motioning (open hand handshape) someone to come in.

Congratulations (congratulate) – Mime that you are congratulating by clasping your hands together (curved hands handshapes) and shaking them.

Contact lens – Mime that you are placing (bent middle finger of the 5 hand handshape) a contact lens on your eye.

Crazy (wacky) – Mime (index finger handshape) that something or someone is crazy.