Sign Families

Movement description: the designated handshapes, move back and forth from the mouth in an alternating movement.
C Hands for communicate, communication, conversation, converse
D Hands for dialogue
I Hands for interview
N Hands for negotiate, negotiation
R for reference 
S and C Hands for simultaneous, communication
T and C Hands for total communication
Index finger Hands for talk, mediate, mediation

Nice and clean.
The designated handshape slides, from heel to fingertips, across the palm of the open hand (nondominant). Slight variation noted.
D for divine
H for honest, honesty, frank, frankly
P for pure, purification, purify
O for orthodox
S for saint
Modified C hand for layer, plush
Open hands for clean, nice
Slight variation: double movement
Open hand for clean up
Fingertips of the open hand for excuse, forgive, forgiveness, pardon

Show just how big
Movement description: the designated handshapes, held in front of the body, move apart to each side.
B handshape for big
G handshape for great
L handshape for large, massive
Slight variation – touch and move apart
V handshape for very
Curved 5 handshape for a lot, lot, immense, much

Useful things
Movement description: the designated handshape held in front of the body moves in a double arc to the side of the body. Slight variation noted
E for equipment
M for material (media)
R for resource
Open hand for thing
Slight variation: single arc movement
P for property