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JAM Media showcases its ASL project Zaki Signs |

May 26, 2024/by geelearn

ASL American Sign Language | App

May 22, 2024/by geelearn

VL2 Storybook Apps

May 4, 2024/by geelearn

‘A first for Toronto theatre,’ Augmented reality glasses for d/Deaf audience members will be available at every show of ‘Tyson’s Song’

April 26, 2024/by geelearn

Exciting Audio Radar Tech Lets Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Gamers Hear With Their Eyes | HotHardware

January 17, 2024/by geelearn

ASL with Care Bears | App – App Store

November 24, 2023/by geelearn

A look at the new technology benefiting deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes | Good Morning America

October 15, 2023/by geelearn

New glasses help interpret the world for deaf and hard of hearing users | ABCNL | YouTube

September 26, 2023/by geelearn

Lenovo And Brazilian Innovation Hub CESAR Create Sign Language “Translator” For Hearing People With AI | Forbes

August 19, 2023/by geelearn

Inside Google’s Effort To Use AI To Make ASL Accessible To All | Forbes

July 6, 2023/by geelearn

ASL Study | App Store

June 22, 2023/by geelearn

How this app is making Zoom meetings inclusive for deaf workers | Employee Benefit News

May 26, 2023/by geelearn

Colgate Unveil Hear Gear, Bringing Inclusivity to AFL for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Athletes via VMLY&R and Steeden | LBBOnline

May 8, 2023/by geelearn

Sorenson for Zoom Is the First ASL Video Relay Service Available in the Zoom App Marketplace | Utah Business

April 7, 2023/by geelearn

An App Wants to Subtitle Life for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Users | WIRED

December 29, 2022/by geelearn

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