On iOS and Android

This free app is my preferred one because you can save “favorite” signs to practice.  It is organized well and you can clearly see the hands.  Also, it is easy to repeat a sign or see it in slow motion.


This iOS app keeps things short and sweet, teaching you how to master the sign language alphabet and numbers one through nine.




Compatible with iOS and Android

This app is a practice tool by William Vicar is designed to help improve ability to read fingerspelling.  Users can choose the speed of fingerspelling



Compatible with iOS.

By Oscar-winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin.  It is free for iOS and teaches ASL with video lessons and fingerspelling practice.

Users can learn at their own pace.  Each lesson is broken down into individual videos. The app keeps track of completed lessons and features a “slow motion” setting to allow viewing in greater detail.


Compatible with Android

Illustrations show you how to sign common letters, numbers, and common words in ASL.


This iOS app teaches ASL relating to school.