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Deaf children, hearing children, hard-of-hearing children, and special needs children. We believe in children of all races, colors, and cultures from anywhere on the planet. And we believe that helping children learn the building blocks of character, as taught by the Bible, is just as important as helping them learn their alphabet.

It has been proven that well-designed media such as television series, videos, and websites can make a powerful impact on the lives of children. But some children, such as those who are Deaf, have a tough time understanding most of these resources because they either require hearing or the ability to read captioning at an unnaturally fast rate.

So, beginning in the spring of 2004, three Deaf ministry organizations agreed to work together to develop a comprehensive five-year outreach program to educate, bless, and minister to Deaf, hearing, and hard-of-hearing children all over North America. And the flagship of this effort would be the most accessible television series ever produced for children – Dr. Wonder’s Workshop.

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