CARDMEDIC was inspired by a news article on a patient surviving COVID-19 after admission to the UK Intensive Care Unit, where he described feeling terrified of not being able to understand what his healthcare providers were saying, due to the limitations of communicating through Personal Protective Equipment (face masks, visors, hoods etc).

CARDMEDIC is a free to use a collection of communication flashcards designed to break through the PPE barrier, improving the transfer of vital information from frontline healthcare professionals to unwell and critically ill patients.

CARDMEDIC is also a practical and convenient upskilling training tool, for healthcare professionals re-deployed to work outside their usual realm of clinical practice and for healthcare staff and volunteers returning to work in the pandemic.

They are simple and succinct, using basic language to share information and describe the plan of action. Set out in alphabetical order, it should be easy to find what you’re looking for.  

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