Oscar-Nominated ‘The Silent Child’ Writer Rachel Shenton on Developing a Complicated Role for a Deaf Child Actor | IndieWire

The first-time screenwriter just earned her first Oscar nod, but she’s more excited about the possibility for real change for the deaf community she’s long supported.

At the end of the Oscar-nominated live-action short “The Silent Child,” a trio of title cards deliver some sobering facts. One explains that “over 78% of deaf children attend mainstream school with no specialist support in place,” and a final note adds that the filmmakers “hope this film contributes in the fight for sign language to be recognized in every school across the globe.” But the Oscar-nominated short film conveys its message long before the factoids pop up, thanks to a rich script from first-time screenwriter Rachel Shenton (who also stars in the film) and a rewarding turn from her young co-star, first-time actor Maisie Sly.

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