First Signs | New Zealand Baby Signs

First Signs is a free Deaf Aotearoa service for families and whānau of deaf or hard of hearing children aged 0 – 5years.  We provide families and whānau with opportunities to learn New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) and support their child’s development, regardless of any assistive listening devices or support services the child may or may not use.

We are a family centered service, goals are set by you as a family and your choices are respected. Our service is delivered by our Facilitators throughout the country, we work closely with the Advisors on Deaf Children (Ministry of Education) as well as the numerous other service providers that you as a family may encounter e.g.: Deaf Education Centres, Cochlear Implant Programmes.

Even if you are new to using NZSL your attempts to sign are opening up a wonderful visual world for your child, this together with your First Signs Facilitator and other NZSL users will provide an environment where your child can flourish and interact with a variety of users of the language. 

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