Hands On Travel

Hands on Travel is a Deaf-owned business that provides Unique Tours Around the World for People Using Sign Language.

Hands On Travel originated out of the passion to travel and experience new things in life.

HOT founder Terry Giansanti, had dreamt about living in Europe after graduating from Gallaudet University. In 1999, he moved to Rome to work for the 2001 Italian Dealympics Committee and never left. Yet, he was disappointed by how many Deaf tourists shared negative remarks about Rome, especially after the 2001 Deaflympics. Terry wanted to ensure that nobody ever felt negative about their travel experience, he established Hands On Italia. To meet demand, in 2005, Hands On Italia became Hands On Travel and now provides tours in over 60+ countries.

Since 2002, we have maintained that exceptional travel experiences come from three sources: sign language guides who are local, small groups, and unique experiences.

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