Teaching sign language in school means deaf teachers like me are included | inews.co.uk

I was diagnosed as profoundly Deaf when I was two years old. Growing up I never in my wildest dreams thought I could be a teacher, let alone in a mainstream school, but using British Sign Language with all the children I teach has helped.

My mum pushed me to learn BSL as a child, but she was also aware that for me to flourish in a hearing world I also had to learn to speak. Now I do both. It’s the bridge of communication between Deaf people and the wider community and it’s something I believe everyone should learn to do at school.

I teach in a primary school in north London. When I first got the job I panicked because there were so many pupils, and I was worried I’d never learn all their names – let alone be able to read their lips. I had moments where I thought I couldn’t do it, but as I’ve gotten to know them and they’ve got to know me, there’s been a transformation.

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