Daniel Durant: ‘I’m So Happy’ To ‘Keep Showing The World’ Deaf People Can Dance On ‘DWTS’ (Exclusive) | Hollywood Life

Daniel Durant continues to amaze on ‘DWTS.’ The actor opens up about his ‘instant connection’ with Britt Stewart and representing the Deaf community in the ballroom.

Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart will be taking on the ’90s during the November 7 episode of Dancing With the Stars. Ahead of ’90s Night, Daniel traveled to New York City to receive the Eleanor Roosevelt Award from the Center for Hearing and Communication. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Daniel via his interpreter about being recognized and also training in the midst of a busy schedule.

“They recognized me for deaf representation. It’s a big honor to get an award from them. I’m really proud of representing my community,” Daniel said. “Just growing up, I had no deaf role model or anyone to look up to, especially close to me. I knew Marlee Matlin and her success in Hollywood and seeing that I always kept that in the back of my mind knowing I could do this. Now that I’m at this level, just like I’ve always thought about this, it’s my turn. I look at deaf children, and I get to be there for them. I see their perspective, I understand where they were at.

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