Top Travel Tips For Deaf People in 2023 – advice for deaf travellers |

Traveling is a great way for d/Deaf people to grow their confidence, make new friends and learn about the world. However, it can also bring some specific challenges with it.

As a Deaf traveller myself, I face many barriers and difficulties on a daily basis, which at best, is an inconvenience, and at worst, is daunting, upsetting and angering.

Things like, not responding when someone calls for my attention, is mistaken by others as being rude – when in fact – I simply just don’t hear.

This post provides a useful guide on tips and advice for d/Deaf people traveling abroad, or are thinking about traveling, to ensure their trips run as smoothly as possible.

Being a Deaf travel blogger, you can be assured the guidance, tips, and advice in this post are authentic, coming straight from personal experience.

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