That Deaf Guy | Comics

“That Deaf Guy” is about a bi-lingual family who uses ASL and English and the outrageous encounters and experiences that are their daily life.

About The Creators of “That Deaf Guy”
Matt and Kay Daigle (bios below) are the husband and wife creators of the webcomic ”That Deaf Guy” which launched in 2010. Their primary reason for developing the comic strip was to make the Deaf community laugh.

“As a deaf and hearing couple we realized our unique experience whether at home or in public, was perfect fodder for a comic strip. When we met Lynn Johnston of famed “For Better or For Worse” and Mike Peters of “Mother Goose and Grimm” at a comic convention they encouraged us to create a comic strip based on our lives and that was the inspiration for ‘That Deaf Guy’.”

The comic strip ran from 2010-2016, then went on hiatus for Matt to pursue other art venues and a Masters degree in Sign Language Education.

The return of “That Deaf Guy” took place in January 2021. Matt and Kay are thrilled to start breathing new life into the comic strip, and look forward to providing the Deaf community with many more cartoons to laugh at and enjoy for years to come.

Enjoy the comic “That Deaf Guy”: