I Never Had a Role Model, Never – British Actor Jonny Cotsen on Meeting Up With Wales Deaf Football Team Ahead of Euros | EssentiallySports

In the realm of sports, communication and camaraderie often play a crucial role. Actor Jonny Cotsen shared his experience of his encounter with the Wales Deaf Football team ahead of the European Championships that is to be held in Turkey.

Through this meet and greet session, came heartfelt stories and exposed the unwavering dedication of the team and its players in their attempt to be a part of the world of soccer. The interview unveils a heartwarming narrative of empowerment and inclusivity within soccer.

The soccer team, led by the Wales Deaf Football Association and chaired by Adey Blake, comprises deaf players and staff except the chairman and the secretary, Talina. Within the team, a safe environment has been fostered where everyone communicates fluently through British Sign Language (BSL).

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