‘A first for Toronto theatre,’ Augmented reality glasses for d/Deaf audience members will be available at every show of ‘Tyson’s Song’

A Toronto theatre company is making significant strides in accessibility for d/Deaf audience members by providing augmented reality glasses for every performance of a new four-week production.

Pleiades Theatre announced the world premiere of Tyson’s Song at Factor Theatre will have the glasses available for every show to provide a more immersive theatre-going experience.

The theatre company says this marks the first time a Toronto theatre has offered the AR glasses at every performance of a production.

“Deaf access in Toronto often takes the form of ASL interpretation at the side of the stage, and usually limited to three or four performances in total during the run of a show,” Artistic Executive Director of Pleiades Theatre Ash Knight said in a press release.

“This technology allows us to offer ASL interpretation at every single show during our four-week run. It also means that folks can watch the action on the stage without having to look in a completely different location for interpretation – a notable step forward in accessibility for theatre audiences.”

Pleiades said it is working with Deaf Community Consultant Gaitrie Persaud to guide this inaugural program.

The AR glasses provide high-quality display and ergonomic design, and five pairs of glasses will be available at each performance.

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