9 Books With Deaf Characters for Kids and Adults | Book Riot

In the bookish world, we talk a lot about the importance of being able to recognize yourself in the characters of the books you read. For d/Deaf and hard of hearing (HoH) folks, a range of books have been published in the last several years that have added wonderful new titles to Deaf literature.

In young people’s literature, we have everything from graphic novels featuring Deaf characters like a bunny with a superpower or a girl making new friends during a crisis. And new Deaf stories are coming out all the time! In young adult literature, both True Biz by Sara Novic and deaf not Deaf by Christian Fusco are scheduled to be released this spring.

And of course, d/Deaf people are the main characters of their own lives, and many d/Deaf and HoH writers have shared their stories through their memoirs and poetry. In his poetry collection Deaf Republic, author Ilya Kaminsky writes, “The deaf don’t believe in silence. Silence is the invention of the hearing.”

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