ASL Connect | Gallaudet University

ASL Connect – Straight outta Gallaudet University, the only liberal arts college for Deaf and hard of hearing students where the predominant language used by EVERYONE is ASL, ASL Connect is EXTREMELY well done. Modern and sleek with lots of free content including a basic signs video database and lesson modules to not only get you conversing but also KNOWING the cultural component because it’s explained so well. It touches considerably on topics such as APPROACHING people in ASL before even greeting them. 

There’s also a separate section for online classes you can take formally for university credit and that takes you into typical college tuition territory ($950 for ASL 1). As with Lifeprint, that’s a great option for someone looking for that (think a high school or university student who cannot access such a class locally) but you could make great use of the free materials to get a good foundation. And, if furthering your studies in ASL in college is on your agenda, you’ll have this option. 

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