Online Cultural Show Tackles The Challenges Of Deaf Students Amid The Pandemic | PAGEONE

Filipino Deaf students share how they find hope amid the challenges brought by the pandemic in The Face Mask, a fund-raising cultural show to be held on Friday, November 25.

It is the culminating event of the month-long celebration of the 28th Deaf Festival: Defining Servant Leadership in Rebuilding.

Spearheaded by Deaf choreographer, director and trainer Myra Medrana, the two-hour production follows the journey of a Deaf student (John Riven Canilang) who lost his means to communicate with the community amid the stay-at-home orders. In his solitude, he found guidance from his mother (Angel Zyra Podaca) and friendship from spirits (Jay-R Lacorte and Ryan Frayres), who helped him hold on to his aspiration for a better future.

The Face Mask mirrors the personal experiences of the Deaf who were immensely affected by the lack of in-person interaction with their loved ones and the public, as well as the chance to volunteer and engage in group activities.

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