Signs Of Silence (S.O.S.)

Signs Of Silence (S.O.S.) is a non-profit agency in North San Diego County Serving the Deaf and Hard Of Hearing since 1996.

Signs Of Silence recognizes that services are limited and many times not readily accessible. Our Mission is to improve and expand existing services by bringing opportunities and the deaf together.

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Signs Of Silence Deaf Page on Facebook

Signs Of Silence FB Deaf Page is an extension of their non-profit agency that provides deaf resources at

This page is built primarily to expose our Deaf Community and everything that’s part of it. You will find tons and tons of helps, visuals, lessons, stories, jokes, deaf talents and more. It’s informative all for your benefit.

Unlike other deaf pages you may belong to that are built for students helping students, this page prefers not to follow that format. We believe a student directed page does not benefit you. This page highlights deaf people, deaf stories, deaf experiences and deaf leading ASL lessons. Information brought to you directly from the very culture and community you are wanting to be a part of. If you find friends along the way on this page even better. We can accomodate a deaf mentor too.

Go to the Signs Of Silence Deaf Page on Facebook here: